Pro Bono Program

Amplifying Impact Through Expert Marketing and Technology Solutions

Mission Statement

At Aptic Consulting, our mission is to empower non-profits, NGOs, and small minority-owned businesses by providing expert marketing, analytics, technology, and business services. We are dedicated to supporting these organizations in achieving their goals, enhancing their impact, and fostering sustainable growth. We are proud to offer our expertise through a selective pro bono program with limited availability, and we invite you to apply. Through our pro bono initiatives, we leverage our knowledge and skills to drive positive change, promote equality, and contribute to the success of those who serve our communities. Together, we build a brighter future through innovation, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Most of the projects we select will be provided entirely free of charge. However, depending on the applicant and the scope of their needs, we may offer services at a significantly reduced cost. This is particularly relevant for organizations that require multiple, in-depth projects and have a modest budget to contribute towards the work.

Our efforts are focused on several key imperatives:

  • Removing barriers and improving access to essential business services.
  • Equipping disadvantaged and underserved businesses, organizations, and non-profit groups with the resources and tools needed to expand and improve their results.
  • Strengthening neighborhoods, and promoting economic development in the communities we serve.


The availability of these services depends on our team’s current capacity, expertise, and how well your needs align with our resources. We strive to match our team members’ skills with the specific requirements of your organization, ensuring the highest quality support. While we aim to assist as many organizations as possible, our ability to take on new projects is influenced by these considerations.

  • Web and Mobile Analytics
  • Tag Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Attribution and Analytics
  • Technology Consulting
  • Marketing Consulting

Unclear marketing ROI

Marketing’s spending is ballooning without a clear understanding of top- or bottom-line incremental contributions.

Data isn’t driving value

Data is siloed, incomplete, inconsistent, or not built in a way to support modern business needs and add value.

No way for to measure outcomes

Your business is missing the data needed to easily and quickly track performance outcomes leading to a lack of accountability and strategic planning.

Who Can Apply

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

We seek NGOs dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities and in need of expert support to enhance their operations and outreach.

Non-Profit Entities

We collaborate with non-profit entities that are committed to serving the public good and require assistance in optimizing their marketing, technology, and business strategies.

Small Minority-Owned Businesses

We support small minority-owned businesses striving to grow and succeed, providing them with the tools and expertise needed to navigate challenges and achieve their goals.

We welcome applications from organizations that hold a valid charitable status with either the IRS in the United States (501(c)3), or via similar governmental departments in other countries. Check Percent’s definitions for each country’s required documentation by this link: Percent’s Nonprofit Definitions.

    Our Process

    1.) Initial Consultation

    We begin with an initial consultation to understand your organization’s goals, challenges, and needs. During this phase, we assess whether our services align with your requirements and determine if we are the right fit to support your mission.

    2.) Strategic Plan

    If we determine that there is a good fit, we will develop a tailored proposal outlining the scope of services we can provide. This includes a detailed plan with specific objectives, timelines, and deliverables to ensure clarity and alignment on both sides.

    3.) Execution

    our team will begin implementing the agreed-upon services. Throughout the process, we maintain open communication, provide regular updates, and offer ongoing support to ensure the success of your project and maximize the impact of our collaboration.

    Not every organization may meet our eligibility requirements to participate in our Pro Bono Program. Aptic Consulting sets these guidelines and determines an organization’s qualification at its sole discretion. We reserve the right to grant or deny an organization’s application or participation in the program, or to discontinue the program, at any time, for any reason, and to supplement or amend our eligibility guidelines at any time.

    Tori Ham
    Provided quality work and succeeded in increasing leads for our firm. There were no issues and would hire them again.
    Gwendolyn Jones
    They continually show themselves to be a trustworthy, knowledgeable partner.
    Shay Gibson
    Aptic Consulting gave us high-quality work, timely deliveries, and a great experience
    Benito Cabrera
    They came recommended, and did some marketing consulting work for us, which was something we didn't want our marketing agency doing for us. The analyzed the performance of our marketing and sales department to find what was working well, and what we could improve and losing money on. To do this, they helped with setting up Google Analytics to track everything, new tools for our sales and marketing departments, and reports and dashboards for management to monitor everything, as well as a report and explanation on everything. very smart people that really know what they're doing. so get ready for some hard truths from them!
    Connor Barnes
    Hired these guys for my e-commerce site and within a month they almost doubled my conversation rate. Definitely recommend!